Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wednesday, November 30th

We are sitting in a circle. Newt and Hermit Thrush's mom came to visit.

Rred Wing Black Bird's grandma came too! She had a lot of fun playing with her grandma.

Mountain Lion was drawing at her sit spot.

We are making a jumping obstacle course, a jumping one. You needed to jump over sticks.

The challenge is to walk between the sticks without touching them.

White tailed deer, chipmunk, and cotton tailed bunny were reading a book.

Earthworm was making a picture with leaves.

Mr. Moose and the Forest Kids were setting up the obstacle course.

Bat and Hermit Thrush took a picture of an H that Mouwe made with sticks.

Mouse and Blue Jay were taking pictures of the letter X in the tree.

The letter V!

Possum made a cow out of leaves!

We are making leaf art.  Bunny and Butterfly and Cat.

Woodchuck was jumping over sticks.

Newt tried to take a picture of the wind. The trees were swaying.

Bumblebee is making a line.

Cardinal is making a turkey. Snowshoe hare is making a peacock.

Possum and Chipmunk were running from Mr. Moose. They got away.

We were making a letter books by finding letters in nature.

Bumblebee is trying to get the leaves out of the water.

I am going across the balance beam said Red Wing Blackbird.

Skunk is laying on the bridge singing Christmas songs.

Robin, Red Tailed Hawk, and Bobcat and Newt are trying to climb our fort.

Newt is muddy. He was playing in the mud. Osprey is building a dam. Red Squirrel wanted to paint his face with mud too.
Cotton tail bunny is making a butterfly in the forest!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

This is the obstacle course. We do not let obstacles get in our way!

Coyote built a frame for her number collection.

This collection has 10.

Crow collected 5 pinecones and it looked like a star or a person dancing!

Snowshoe Hare made a retangle frame for her collection!
Grey fox, Mouse, Coyote, and Bobcat were balancing on the balance beam.

We lifted a big stick to help make the obstacle course. There was great teamwork!

Bobcat was running to the finish line of the obstacle course!

Mountain Lion was crossing the giant balance beam.

We are doing the obstacle course.

Osprey, Robin, Chipmunk, and Hermit Thrush were happy!

Red Squirrel is making a mud painting of space!

Green Frog is looking at the mud picture in the gallery.

Green Frog is painting a mud picture!

Woodchuck and Mrs. Sparrow switched paintbrushes. We used pinecones and pine needles. We also used sticks to paint.

In his sit spot Robin looked into the sky and saw a bird's nest.

In Dirt City we built a dam. We broke a dam and then we built the dam again.

Coyote and Red Fox are playing in the mud. We got dirty. We slipped and s;od. and jumped in the mud.

Osprey was thinking about building a dam so Dirt City could turn into Mud City!

Chipmunk and Hermit Thrush were pretending they were on a dirty airplane.

Red Squirrel was getting dirty. He jumped in the mud and slipped. He felt happy.

Oh My! This is a muddy bunch. I think Mrs. Wishy Washy would love this one! " Oh Lovely Mud!"

White Tailed Deer, Red Tailed Hawk, Bobcat, Robin, and Bat were very dirty. Bat was trying to put his mud on Robin. We wonder who was the muddiest! We think Bat wins!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Woodsy Wednesday Nov. 8, 2017

The Forest Kids had another wonderful day in the forest today. This was our second chilly day, but this time we were prepared with hats, mittens, and our suits. We enjoyed hot chocolate at snack as well as Ms. Black Bear's blueberry muffins! Yum!

Today during guided discovery rotations we performed a play about a dog with a poor sore paw. The kids enjoyed building a bridge a role playing the characters. They were excited to perform it for their friends as well.  We also had a chance to practice our fire safety skills while roasting marshmallows to make s'mores! These were a huge hit! Another group went foraging for ingredients for mud kitchen.

During Station time we had the chance to follow through on our forest plan that we had made in the morning.  Grey Fox climbed a tree or two or three. Red Tailed Hawk and Bobcat were busy building a fort while Newt and Bat were busy building dams to reroute the water in Dirt City. Still others spent time playing house in Fairy Village. The kids did not want our time in the forest to end and neither did we. "Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Others, and Take Care of the Forest!"  Until next time...

Grey Fox is climbing a tree.  She was making a nest.

During Guided Discovery we read a book about a puppy with a sore foot.  We made a bridge and the kids helped the puppy over the bridge.

We are getting pine cones, grass, mud, dirt, water, and ice for mud kitchen.

Coyote, Chipmunk, Cotton tail hare and Woodchuck were crossing the bridge.

We are cooking marshmallows over the fire. It was fun. The S'mores were yummy!

Mountain Lion was crossing the bridge in Dirt City.

This is the bridge for the Sore Puppy play!

Red Tail Hawk and Bobcat are lifting a big stick.  We were putting it on our fort.

Bat said we were taking the leaves out of the river and making a dam.

Possum and White tailed deer were making a fort. It was just a tiny one, said Possum.
The hot chocolate was yummy delicious said all the forest friends!
Crow put the finishing touches on the fairy house that she built with Ms. Black Bear at her sit spot.

Chipmunk and Coyote were bringing Skunk's Hat back!!!