Monday, March 20, 2017

March 17th Happy St. Patrick's Day

Forest Friday in Their Own Words
Here is a glimpse of what happens after we come indoors. The Kindergarten and 1st graders write about their day and then Ms. Black Bear turns it into a blog post. Here are their words "uncut"! Come by school and check out our work on display in the primary hallway!

"Forest Friday in the Winter" Bulletin Board

Sharing our learning with the whole school!

Friday, March 10, 2017

March 10

Today was a special day in the forest! We had Sugar on Snow, Homemade Donuts, and Dill Pickles! Kindergarten has been learning all about maple syrup and today we were able to try some of the maple syrup they made in the forest.  We loved it!

During station time students were able to choose an activity to participate in or wander from activity to activity according to their interests. Mr. Raccoon led students in shelter building, Ms. Koski and Ms. Eckert introduced the concept of a "mud kitchen"- which today was a snow kitchen. It is like having a drama center in the woods. Kids could continue painting on snow, which was a station last week. The final station was performing the play Chicken Little.

Our station time this week gradually became our free play time. Some kids chose to be at their station the entire time. The kids were very invested in their play today and many continued with shelter building and creating in the snow kitchen for over and hour! 

Enjoy the photos from today! We hope to see you in the forest soon!

Ms. Eckert and Ms. Koski

Yum! I love sugar on snow with donuts!

Bat, Bobcat, Red Tailed Hawk and Morning Dove are enjoying the home made maple syrup! "We tapped the trees!"

"It tastes like heaven."

Forest Kids enjoyed time in the Snow Kitchen today. Painted Turtle and Grey Fox were cooking up some chicken noodle soup!

"Ms. Black Bear, would you like some tea?"

Morning Dove was cooking up some sugar cookies to serve at the new restaurant that opened in our forest!

"I am the manager of our restaurant!" It is my job to tend the fire and make sure that everyone is doing their job. 
A busy day in our snow kitchen. The forest kids created quite a feast for their friends!
Woodpecker painted an octopus on the snow. The colors were brighter and more vibrant on the snow this week!

Painting with parents in the forest!

We love to paint outside the "frame"!

Mr. Connor is sharing this weeks story, "Chicken Little."

Forest kids are prating their parts for the play! This week we filmed the play, so our friends could watch it later. Look for it online at a theater near you!

Mr. Connor is in line at the soup kitchen after all his hard work.
Mr. Raccoon is teaching a group of kids how to build a shelter.

The shelter is coming to life. 

Raccoon and Moose worked together using a stick as a lever to dig it out of the snow and then carried it to the shelter.

Another fun winter day in Dirt City!

Forest Kids are building bridges over the creek in Dirt City.

Mr. Sherwood came to the forest and taught us a new game during PE!

Ms. P and the Forest Kids singing about the Button Factory!

Good bye Forest... until next time!

Friday, March 3, 2017

March 3

   Please check out our video in honor of Read Across America Day!  And to Think I Saw It on Forest Friday
We were sliding down the hill and it was really fast!

The trail was very bumpy and fast, but we didn't go very far when we were sliding together.

It was so fun because it was really, really fast. 

We loved that we could pick our own station today! Sliding was one of our favorites!

We were painting on ice with watercolors. When we were finished, we used sticks to frame our pictures.

"I was painting rainbows", said Cotton Tailed Bunny.

Bald Eagle, Red Tail Hawk, and Bobcat were making pictures of kids, meaning the kids in the picture.

We hung on to people's backs and waited for everyone to be ready and slid down the hill together. We slid down in a train which made it faster.  "I thought it was fun," said Mouse.

Woodpecker was making a video called, "And to Think It Happened on Forest Friday."

Red Squirrel got in on the fun too!!! 

"I played in water in Dirt City," said Newt.

"I was breaking icicles in Dirt City," said Grey Squirrel.

"I was walking with Bobcat over the river to the other side," said Bald Eagle.  We were playing on an obstacle course.

During music,  Ms. P was blowing a slide whistle and we went down and up when we heard different notes.

In PE we played a tag game. The Kindergarten was the crows and the first graders were the cranes.  It was a fun game.  If you got tagged, you would get in the other team that tagged you.

The Crows are chasing the Crane.