Friday, January 27, 2017

January 27, 2017

Skunk was laying on the stool during sit spots.  She said she was dancing.

Chipmunk looks like she is laying down on her belly and eating snow.

Vermont Frog was digging snow chunks out to make a seat out of the soccer net.

Mr. Connor did a play about the book, Stone Soup. Red Fox put carrots in the soup, Grey Fox put onions in the pot, and  White tailed deer put in potatoes.

Red Fox was mad because she was last.

Ms. Koski put vegetable fat on our hands. We then buried our hands in the snow and experimented to see if the hand would be warm or cold. The hand in the snow was warmer than the hand in the air without vegetable fat. 

We were burying ourselves in the snow. We were really warm. We were laughing because it tickled when they put the snow on us.

We were building an epic igloo!

Our igloo had a window.

Racoon, Vermont Frog were playing Famous Ice Skaters. We were ice skating on the snow since it was hard and slippery. We were pretending that we went into our home and found a dog. 

Coyote was sticking her head out the window.

Red Tailed Hawk, Robin, and Bobcat were picking up a big chunk of snow. 

Seven kids can fit in our igloo, but Bobcat said that we are going to make it even bigger.

During music we learned a new song. some of the words were " Dancing down the alley.""  

Friday, January 13, 2017

January 13, 2017

Another Windy Day in the Forest!

Due to the forecasted weather conditions, Mrs. Sparrow and Ms. Black Bear decided that it was too hazardous to go up to our forest spot. We spent the day on the ball field and in parts of the forest. We had a blast. Any day outside is a great day. It was warm outside today! It was also wet because it had rained the day before. We started the day with our forest meeting and stations. We got to choose from tracking, snowshoeing, or putting on a play for our friends.  Then, we had free play and we all were so excited to play in the huge puddle! Check it out!
Red Tailed Hawk is digging a hole and looking at water on the baseball during sit spots.

Cotton Tailed Bunny is making a snow angel.

Woodpecker dug a hole and found dirt from the baseball diamond.

Opossum was keeping her face warm during sit spots and eating snow!

Raccoon was digging in the snow and found red sand and then made a little fort around herself. Mr. Raccoon was watching.

Coyote was sharing what she did at sit spots. She was starting to make an igloo.

Forest Friday Kids were getting reading to snowshoe. "When we were coming down the hill, we saw deer scat," said Raccoon.

We found a track. I wonder what it is!

Grey squirrel was wondering if a deer needed a drink.  There were deer tracks near the river.  There was a lot of water in our brook.

A grown up deer track.

We performed the play The Red Fox and the Canoe!

Bat is in the canoe we made.

Newt was snowshoeing. "It was a little scary. My favorite part was when I wasn't falling," said Newt.

The Snowshoers were trying to find deer tracks while hiking up the hill. Skunk was sad that she could not go off the trail.

Opossum was eating "fish" while sitting at the end of the canoe.

Grey Fox was playing in the big puddle. She got very wet!

We were playing in the water. Skunk's hands were cold so she ran across the puddle.  Grey Squirrel's feet were wet. Opossum loved the puddle.

During Music we played tag. Ms. P played the slide whistle. We sang a song about a grizzly bear.

Here is a glimpse into our sit spots for the day!

In the afternoon we all had a chance to work on researching our forest animals, writing this blog, and creating animal art with Miss Karner.

Have a great long holiday weekend! See you in the Forest next Friday!

Ms. Black Bear, Mrs. Sparrow and the Forest Friday Kids

Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 6, 2017

Happy New Year to All of Our Forest Friends!

We are having a fire and warming up. We were having our Forest Meeting.

Woodpecker is digging up sticks in her sit spot and trying to get them out, but she couldn't.

Painted Turtle was holding a stick and trying to dig up the snow to see if she could see any living things.

Wild Turkey slipped in her sit spot!  Oops!

Morning Dove was sitting quietly at her sit spot. She found another place to explore.  "I wonder if that is like Dirt City?"

We went snow shoeing. It was fun but lots of people fell down.

Grey Squirrel and Bald Eagle are snowshoeing in the forest. "This is the best day EVER!"

Mr. Connor was reading a book called The Mitten. The kids were going to do a play!

We were going up the hill to the teepee because we were looking for tracks. We saw a bear track!

Red Tail Hawk and Bobcat were trying to look for coyote tracks! We think maybe it was a bobcat!

Painted Turtle and Mr. Raccoon were looking at tracks and wondering what the marks in the snow were.  We saw a turkey path and tried to follow it.  But the turkey track was crossed with another track and we lost the track!

All the animals were squished in the white mitten!

We were making a fort. We were just starting. We were using sticks to hold it up and also snow.

We smiled for the picture of our fort!

Newt and his friends were playing in the water. They were building a waterfall and making a bridge.

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Wild Turkey and Painted Turtle were climbing the tree.

We are going to work on our fort next time! We used snow chunks that were very hard.

"More Building, Less Talking!" Proclaimed Red Tailed Hawk. Good Advice! Look at how tall the walls of the igloo are!

We were sliding down the big hill. It was very fun! Someone said it was their favorite part of the day!

See you next time Forest!!!