Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wednesday December 20, 2017

Making snowmen in our sit spot was awesome! said Skunk.
Snowshoe Hare got hot and sweaty walking up the winter path!
Sledding was slippery. Snow got all over my face and I couldn't open my eyes said Woodchuck.
We went on a garbage bag and slid down the hill. It was soooo fast! said Cardinal.
Dirt City turned into Snow City!
At Exploration time I was decorating trees. I love trees said Possum.
I went sled riding. It was so fast and fun with Mrs. Sparrow said White Tailed Deer.
We saw a lot of deer tracks and scat said Robin.
Ms. Black Bear had fun making Ice Art, but her hands were freezing by the end.
Skunk is eating snow while Chipmunk and Coyote are trying to figure out what animal track they saw.

Coyote and Woodchuck are checking out the track book. This is Snow Shoe Hare's track!

Cardinal was making a cotton candy machine! Yum!

White Tailed Deer is in her sit spot. It is quiet.

Skunk is trying to make a giant snowball!

I was making a squishy, squishy snowball!

Robin was looking at the tracks in his sit spot!

Banana Bread and Tea. It has chocolate chips in it!

Snowshoe Hare was making an ornament.

The Ice Art turned out beautiful!

We were playing bad guys in Snow City.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wednesday, November 30th

We are sitting in a circle. Newt and Hermit Thrush's mom came to visit.

Rred Wing Black Bird's grandma came too! She had a lot of fun playing with her grandma.

Mountain Lion was drawing at her sit spot.

We are making a jumping obstacle course, a jumping one. You needed to jump over sticks.

The challenge is to walk between the sticks without touching them.

White tailed deer, chipmunk, and cotton tailed bunny were reading a book.

Earthworm was making a picture with leaves.

Mr. Moose and the Forest Kids were setting up the obstacle course.

Bat and Hermit Thrush took a picture of an H that Mouwe made with sticks.

Mouse and Blue Jay were taking pictures of the letter X in the tree.

The letter V!

Possum made a cow out of leaves!

We are making leaf art.  Bunny and Butterfly and Cat.

Woodchuck was jumping over sticks.

Newt tried to take a picture of the wind. The trees were swaying.

Bumblebee is making a line.

Cardinal is making a turkey. Snowshoe hare is making a peacock.

Possum and Chipmunk were running from Mr. Moose. They got away.

We were making a letter books by finding letters in nature.

Bumblebee is trying to get the leaves out of the water.

I am going across the balance beam said Red Wing Blackbird.

Skunk is laying on the bridge singing Christmas songs.

Robin, Red Tailed Hawk, and Bobcat and Newt are trying to climb our fort.

Newt is muddy. He was playing in the mud. Osprey is building a dam. Red Squirrel wanted to paint his face with mud too.
Cotton tail bunny is making a butterfly in the forest!